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I am a justice advocate, which means i work for a more just society. Because of this advocacy i am way below the official "poverty" line, homeless, an ex-felon, and was on one occasion given a major psychiatric diagnosis (a means the former Soviet Union used to marginalize dissent, some readers may recall). But to be cast out of a society built on injustice is to live as we are meant to live. In fact, i consider myself rich in what counts most, and generally blessed. But i am privileged; EVERYONE deserves full opportunity to have a rich and blessed life!

Click on the appropriate links for info on corps (corporations), crime, poetry/fiction, war and peace, surprise, or links. Or for a brief explanation of my homeless witness. Or go to the music folder to listen to one or more songs.

An early 2010 addition is a "food" folder. A brief  history of my relationship with food and drink serves as this folder's homepage. Emphasis at this time is on efforts to get our local food bank distributor to focus more on nutritious food.

A more recent addition is a page on "Asperger's Syndrome Syndrome" after learning i fit many of the "Aspie" criteria, which has been revelatory for me. At the same time, i want that to be seen in its appropriate context.

Another recent addition is a link (scroll down to page 4) to some thoughts on "multiple chemical sensitivity"  following a difficult experience with a true believer in that pseudodisease. I've added a sample action letter on this site. Since writing the article, someone sent it to an mcs list. People who responded from that proved to be true believers as well, giving me a better idea of the extent of this cult-like movement.

Finally, i've added a proposal for a basic income guarantee study guide, something i plan to put more energy into in 2011. Please consider helping with this if it is something that interests you. I believe this is a long-term key to reversing the plutocratic drift we have been facing for the last few decades.


Richa, December 2010


This website established March, 2007.

I may be contacted at: richa [at] dod [dot] net